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Time:2017-10-24 00:00:00

Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic marketing website construction expert.

Network Technology Co., Ltd. integrates traditional marketing, Internet marketing and mobile internet marketing into a three-in-one whole-network marketing system to build a self-centered and independent e-commerce platform for traditional enterprises (especially non-retail enterprises). The whole network marketing system consists of marketing website, mobile website, micro leaflet, micro website, distribution system, two-dimensional code system, CRM, SCM system.

Network Technology Co., Ltd. is based in Hangzhou and heading for the whole country. At present, we serve more than 10,000 enterprises. Most of them carry out wholesale sales through the network, invite investment through the network, publicize their brands, and receive orders steadily. With the strong demand of the market and the rapid development of the company, the network technology limited company has established branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and other places.

Among them, Network Technology Co., Ltd. has won the honors of "Top 100 Enterprises of China's E-Commerce Service Institutions", "First batch of Service Lists of E-Commerce Service Institutions", "Excellent Service Institutions of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises", "Key Enterprises of Integration of Two Industries", "Key Cultural Enterprises" and "High-tech Enterprises".

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